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Cosmetic Periodontics
Healthy, symmetrical gums enhance the appearance of your teeth, like a frame around a beautiful painting.

With the evolution of dental technology and techniques, the artistic possibilities for smile design today are limitless. Smiles can often be cosmetically enhanced by changing the appearance of the gums.

Laser Cosmetic Periodontal Care
With the precise, refined gum tissue shaping capabilities of laser periodontics, Dr. Williams is able to reshape the gum line to improve natural smile appearance or to complement cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Laser Cosmetic Periodontics is ideal for correction of:

  • "Gummy" smiles that make teeth appear too short;
  • Overgrown areas of soft tissue that interfere with placement of dental restorations.

Periodontal Grafting Procedures
In cases of gum recession and exposed tooth roots that make teeth look "too long" soft tissue grafting procedures can make a world of difference. Dr. Williams is able to graft gum tissue in these trouble spots and encourage growth of healthy tissue to create a more youthful smile appearance.

Tour our Smile Gallery to view examples of cosmetic periodontics treatments.

Change begins with a phone call. Contact us to schedule a cosmetic consultation or ask your dentist if cosmetic periodontal treatment might be the right solution for your smile!

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