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Laser Periodontal Therapy

Dr. Williams is a Laser Periodontal Therapy (LPT™) provider. Dr. Williams utilizes the dental laser instrumentation to remove the toxic elements that cause periodontal (gum) disease to promote healing. For many patients, laser periodontal therapy is the preferred approach to treatment over traditional gum surgery.

Why is Laser Periodontal Therapy (LPT™) different?
PerioLase® is the first laser in dentistry to incorporate digital technology for enhanced performance and reliability. The laser fiber, which is only about as wide as a couple of human hairs, is inserted between the gum tissue and your tooth to treat the areas of infection.

The Benefits of Laser Periodontal Therapy
Laser periodontal therapy is a less invasive option than traditional gum surgery; thereís no cutting and no sutures. The sense of recovery is immediate due to the laserís ability to seal blood vessels, lymphatics and nerve endings. (Of course, your tissue needs time to regenerate and heal over the course of time).

  • Thereís much less discomfort with Laser Periodontal Therapy™ than with standard surgery – during and after the procedure. You donít have to worry about bleeding, stitches or post-treatment infection, because your gums have not been cut.
  • It is recommended to eat a soft diet for a day or two to 2 weeks, but in most cases, patient feel good enough to eat anything they want right away. And, with a shorter recovery period than traditional surgery, most patients go back to work the next day.

LPT™ technology can also be used for cosmetic and surgical periodontal procedures to reshape gum tissue and correct minor defects.

Think you might be a candidate for Periodontal Laser Therapy? Contact us to learn more about this remarkable alternative to conventional gum surgery.

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