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Dental Sedation

Your Comfort is Our Priority
Dr. Williams has completed advanced training in oral conscious sedation protocols; sometimes referred to as "comfort dentistry" or "relaxation dentistry", which describes the feeling most patients have while sedated. Many of our patients that have previously experienced anxiety when visiting the dentist have found this type of sedation helpful.


How Oral Sedation works
Using this approach, patients are given an oral sedative medication that places the body in a deep state of relaxation. Unlike general anesthesia, they are able to breathe on their own and respond to verbal instruction.

  • Before your appointment – We will give you a prescription for a sedative to take the night before or the morning of your appointment to place you in a fully relaxed state.

  • Arriving for treatment – Your companion will bring you to our office, where we will make you comfortable with a cozy blanket and music headphones in our treatment area.

  • During your appointment – Dr. Williams will monitor you throughout your entire visit. We will complete your treatment while you are sedated, and you will be able to respond to Dr. Williams as necessary.

  • After your appointment – Your companion will take you home and stay with you until you have fully recovered from your sedation medication.

  • The next day – Most patients feel no discomfort or residual effects from oral sedation; often, oral sedation medications have an amnesic effect – patients remember they went to the dentist, but not much about the treatment itself.


We will review sedation options with you during your consultation to determine the best approach for your needs. Our goal is to create the most comfortable experience possible for you while in our care.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any questions you may have about oral conscious sedation.

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